Let us be your boiler room while you let off the steam – Helping you with those tasks that take you away from what you do best, or that need some slightly different expertise. 
Virtual Assistance 
available on flexible terms, and realistic rates. 

Socio - A business resource for small and family businesses

Can we give you an independent and unbiased review of your business to help you answer your own questions, or maybe find a new direction? Ask about our ‘Troubleshooter’ Business Reports. 


Bringing the benefit and experience of a broad cv including Government and Corporate business to assist those running small and family businesses at realistic rates. 
Covering the South West of England physically, I also offer Virtual Services to businesses all over the UK and beyond. 

My aim is to release Smaller Business Owners from tasks that prevent them doing what they do best.
Read more below, or see HERE for information on current long term assignments, and HERE for information on a variety of short term specific assignment

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What is Virtual Assistance?

Virtual Assistance – What and Why?

In the Internet era information is far more easily exchanged, and with the development of cloud storage information and document sharing is a simple matter.

In a rapidly increasing number of situations, and with full time employment legislation becoming more onerous on employers it is easier and cheaper for a Business Owner to contract out certain functions of the business to ‘Virtual Assistants’

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Contact me for a no obligation discussion on how we might work together: If I don’t think I can help you, I am not afraid to say. 

You can contact me by email at: info (at) sociosw.co.uk

You can call me on +44 ( 0 ) 79 03 86 63 98

If you would like to snail mail me, please contact me as above for the fastest snail mail address.